...!...Where good little angels swallow big loads of cum...!...

...!...Where good little angels swallow big loads of cum...!...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Models Wanted

Are you...

  • BROKE? Do you need some quick money for rent or bills?

  • FANTASIZING? Would it be exciting to you to think of a lot of guys getting really turned on watching you?

  • CURIOUS? Have you always secretly wondered what it would be like to be in an adult movie?

  • REBELLIOUS? Are you a good little daddy's girl but want to feel what its like to be a naughty girl?

  • INNOCENT? Are you inexperienced sexually and want try something for the first time and have it captured on film?

  • DARING? Did your girlfriend dare you to do something wild and crazy?

  • BORED? How would you like to try something truly exciting for a change?

  • PORNSTAR MATERIAL? Do you want to be the next big star? This is a fun, safe, and easy way to try it out!

  • About the job

  • You will be paid very well, and better than most other sites featuring this kind of content.

  • You will work with an experienced and professional photographer in a friendly and safe environment.

  • Your time will be respected. With the exception of time spent changing clothes and signing the agreements, you will be paid for every minute you're being filmed.

  • Your limits will be respected. Nothing will occur that you haven't already agreed to in advance. No surprises!

  • You must be an attractive woman, 18-30 years old with at least 2 forms of ID (at a minimum, a state-issued driver's license or passport).

  • You must deliver a blowjob without a condom.

  • You must swallow cum (2 Hour Minimum for each paid scene).

  • The video and pictures will be published on this website so you must sign standard agreements including a model release.

  • You will be paid in cash for your performance just prior to filming the scene.

  • Once you're selected, if you're new to the business, we can meet at a convenient time and place before we film the scene to make sure you're comfortable.

  • Filming will take place at a hotel at a time and location in southern California that's convenient for you.

  • Local transportation will be provided if necessary.

  • Experience is NOT required.

  • You must be drug and disease free.

  • I'm friendly, attractive, white, shaved (face and balls LOL), and circumcised.

  • FAQ 
    Q: I'm brand new to the business...what should I know before I start?
    A: Check out Porn.101 and Porn.102 by AIM Healthcare Foundation for some great information.

    Q: I've never done this before and I'm concerned about someone recognizing me from your website. Is that very likely?
    A: There is a chance someone you know may see your video so you should come to terms with that before you agree to do this. Having said that, the risk would seem relatively low given the large number of adult websites on the Internet, especially if you only do scenes for a few sites.

    Q: I'm a little shy...are there going to be a lot of people on the set?
    A: It is a very relaxed environment...just you and me!

    Q: I've never swallowed cum before and I'm worried I might gag or something. Is that a problem?
    A: Some girls gag a little, some don't. Its really not a big deal as long as you show up to the scene mentally prepared to swallow. A little gagging won't ruin the scene as long as you don't spit or spill. Some guys are actually turned on by a little gagging as long as you do swallow. I have some tips for new models to make it easier so don't worry about it. You Can learn more with practice. I always drink plenty of pineapple juice before shoots so I never get complaints :-)
    Apply now! 
    If you're interested, please send the following information to .Click.eMail.Me.Here

    1. Recent pictures, including your face and body (nude pictures are not required)
    2. Your age
    3. Your height
    4. Your weight
    5. Your city